Business Visitors


A business visitor is a foreign national who enters Canada on a temporary basis to engage in international business activities. Business visitors do not need a work permit to enter Canada. As a result, entering Canada as a business visitor can be highly advantageous.

Common examples of activities that business visitors are permitted to perform include:

  • attending business meetings, conferences or conventions
  • attending training programs which are provided by a Canadian company that the foreign national works for in their home country
  • purchasing Canadian goods or services for foreign business organizations of governments
  • taking orders or selling products for a foreign business
  • performing after-sales warranty or contracted services
  • performing urgently required equipment repair services.

Depending on their citizenship, a foreign national who enters Canada as a business visitor or on a work permit will normally be required to obtain prior to entering Canada either: a temporary resident visa (TRV); or, if entering by air, an electronic travel authorization (eTA). U.S. citizens are exempt from this requirement.